Monday, March 31, 2003

Right, that does it, I'm off to sit in the back garden with a yoghurt and a fat theology book - Jesus and the Victory of God.
aah, it's doing that wierd thing when the posts are appearing in the archive but not on the home page!
mmm, blogger doesn't want to seem to post anything for me today. Maybe it is telling me to go outside and enjoy the sunshine!
I love you.

Friday, March 28, 2003

I'm knackered today. Gave all my essays in this morning, which was a great relief. Then we had church history with Dr. Massey. He seems to be doing ok. (His son died unexpectedly of a heart attack last week, age 36). The funeral is on Monday. He was talking about the birth of liberal theology in the 19th Century. With modernism -Darwin,Kant, Marx, Freud etc the rise of critical scholarship, then the conservative reaction to it, the birth of evangelicalism -Lightfoot, Warfield, the preaching of Spurgeon. He also covered the 20th century, how liberal theology emptied the mainline churches, the social gospel, the ecumenical movement, Vatican II and his speciality the rise and rise of Pentacostalism and then the charismatics/third wave etc. Not bad for a 2 hour lecture. Made me think about how so many movements (all?) are born out of a pendulum swing reaction to what had gone before. I remember Brian Mclaren saying in 'Finding Faith' about Deism being a reactionary movement, and how reactionary movements rarely last. Thought that was quite ironic for a book that was basically a reaction to Modern versions of how Christ has been presented. Oh well, I seem to be being pretty virbose today. I feel sorry for any poor fool who ends up reading this stuff. It would bore them half to death I should think.
I have been feeling a bit closer to God recently. Its wierd, it kind of makes me feel like a child. Like I'm innocent. But at the same time that makes me feel quite vulnerable, like I'm having some protective layers peeled off. anyway nuff said for now.
Finished my essay! and the birds have just started singing, joy!
s'pose I'd better get some kip


Thursday, March 27, 2003

Well, had my last New Testament lecture today on the book of Acts. John Moxon the lecturer, really is amazing. He is a fountain of knowledge and is well up with all the latest scholarship e.g Wright and the 'New Perspective on Paul.

Anyway, now I'm trying to write my essay on Spiritual Warfare which has got to be handed in tomorrow. We had a free choice of what to write about as long as its connected to Spiritual Warfare. For some bizzare reason I have decided to try and tackle the contentious issue of Territorial Spirits and 'Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare'. Basically it's the Wagner view vs the Wimber view. (Guess whose side I'm coming down on). 365 words written, 1135 to go! I think it's going to be a long night. Maybe I could just bind the spirit of unwritten essays!

Ok ,here goes. I blog. Not too sure about posting my innermost thoughts on the web for all to see.So I'll keep them to myself and just put random musings here. Anyway, it's meant to be a private blog, so maybe I'll keep it that way.
Anyway, now that I've started, I need to go to bed. Only one more essay to write (in a day!), still its only 1500 words. on spiritual warfare! oh well, good night. God Bless.