Monday, June 16, 2003

ouch, my head hurts.Just finished essay no. 3 out of 5, about 'evangelism' in the book of Acts. I think my information intake level is far exceeding my brains ability to process it. Basically, I read too much. I think I may even be addicted to it. I suppose there are worse addictions, but still. Currently on the go are (some of these are even to do with my course) :

The Cost of Discipleship - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

What is Mission? - J. Andrew Kirk

Evangelism in the Early Church - Michael Green

Beyond Tithing - Stuart Murray

Houses That Change the World - Wolfgang Simson

God of The Poor - Dewi Hughes

Rich Christians in An Age of Hunger - Ronald J. Sider

The Resurrection of the Son of God - N.T.Wright

Stupid White Men - Michael Moore

Now, most of these books are pretty devestating in their own right. Taken together they are a recipe for a full on breakdown. I think I may need to calm down before my brain explodes. Maybe I should get out more! oh, I nearly forgot - The Purpose Drivel (tm) Life. I have to agree with Greg Adkins about this one - it kinda bugs me.

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