Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Su has been away tonight. Although I miss her dreadfully, obviously, it does give me a chance to watch a dvd that she wouldn't like. So this evening I watched '28 Days Later'. From the director of Trainspotting and The Beach, Danny Boyle, it is essentially an update of the zombie genre. A Night of the Living Dead for the noughties. Britain has been devastated by a disease which turns people into flesh-eating monsters in seconds. It was pretty good. Lots of suspense, atmosphere, intriguing plot, great cinematography. Fascinating to see scenes of London and the M1 completely deserted. Why is it that I can watch stuff like this and just find it entertaining, whereas my wife would be scared witless, horrified by nightmares for weeks afterwards? Am I wrong to enjoy movies like this? Does this mean I have become desensitized. Hard hearted by years of exposure to senseless violence? Or does it just mean I am not a girl?

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