Thursday, October 09, 2003

hello there, haven't blogged for ages. (mainly 'cos a strange german bloke has been living in my computer room) (sorry, Wil, you're not really strange. You and Anna are welcome to stay as long as you want). so what brings me back to the blogger? well, some amazing news. Only 10 days overdue, after a 24 hour labour, our good friends Lorna and Dave have had a baby boy! Baby Aiden (sp?), a mere! 9lbs 15oz, our first God-son, welcome to the world. Tres exciting.
What have I been up to? Well, had a fantastic week down in Cornwall. Had a birthday (thanx to all who came to Habibi, it was a great night). Started back at college. Had 17 people round for lunch on Sunday,.Fell off my bike this morning, twisting my knee and narrowly avoiding falling in the canal, oh well, these things happen. will blog more soon hopefully.

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