Sunday, January 02, 2005


Happy New Year to anyone who happens to be reading,
It looks like 2005 is going to be a really big year for trade justice campaigning. With the UK hosting the G8 summit and also holding the EU presidency, there is going to loads of stuff going on, especially in April when there is a global week of action. There seems to be a real sense that the tide could begin to turn this year in the fight against poverty.
Most prominent seems to be the make poverty history campaign that Christian Aid and others are running. Thanks once againg to steve for some very informative and practical posts.
I have been reading a book which su bought me for Christmas called IOU which I would recommend to anyone who wants to gen up on all the issues involved in global debt (without requiring an economics degree).
I remember being involved in the jubilee 2000 ring in Birmingham and it was really exciting to be part of, but only really a beginning. I have taken my eyes of the issues over the last couple of years I'm sad to say, but my prayer and new years resolution is to make this a year of campaigning and awareness for debt and poverty reduction.
I'm quite excited!
Lord let your kingdom of justice come, your will be done on earth, in 2005, as it is in heaven.

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