Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ode to BA (Hons) Theology

Here's a song my friend Lewis wrote while he was in the middle of exams:
(Based on My Way!)

Now, the end is near
And so I've faced the final Gobbet...
I tried, to make things clear
But now I fear I may have lost it!
I studied long, I studied hard
But to what end, there is no telling
I'm not sure if, my paper's marred
By my unique abysmal spelling...?

Thinking back, I may have cause
To be vexed, about my grading
My answers have, eternal flaws
That second class, looks like its fading!
My essay plan, had Abraham
100 years, before King David
I think I claimed, in the exam
The fall of man, is easily dated?!

Was it 'Q'?! Or 'W'?!
I just don't know, it's so confusing
It's hard to tell, what's real and true
I cannot take this mental bruising!
I said that Luke, was written first
And maybe Mark, missed out Good Friday?!
O but more......much more than this....
I did it...
My way

The 'Was it 'Q' or 'W'?' line refers to a classic moment in one of our synoptic gospels classes when a Korean member of our class 'Mr. Cha' put up his hand and asked why 'Q' (the name for a hypothetical source of Matthew and Luke) wasn't called 'W'.
We have no idea why he asked this.


Michael said...

To the tune of 'We Will Rock You':

Studies going on at the BCC,
Students all wondering what's their destiny
Book in the face, praying in haste
Wondering if Q was really misplaced...

Singing... We will, we will get through (repeat)

Gurmakh is the one who suspects Louise
Has plans to corrupt the Methodists(pronounced 'Methodeests')
John's M. on Matt's case, for trying to waste
All his time spent writing of Jesus in cyberspace

Chorus again

Rodney thinks he cool cause he speaks with a twang
Hard to comprehend as Lew's Black Country thang
Jon's on his ride, dirty backside,
Couldn't understand Mr. Cha even if he tried.

Jon said...

Very good!

How about this :
(to the tune of Neil Young's Southern Man)

Southern man at the BCC,
Trying to teach us theology
Southern twang coming out his mouth
Who can tell what he's on about?
Southern man

Southern man bought himself a car
Who knows, maybe he'll go far
You'all know when he's coming near
Goes the whole way in second gear
Southern man

Southern man bought himself a bike
Thinking he could save a hike
When he mounted the pavement
Had a little accident.
Southern man

Southern man, back in Tenessee
Trying to watch a little TV
On his face it is plain to see
He is missing the BBC
Southern man

Lewis said...

ahhh.... back in the day eh?! Just read through a few of your old posts - cracking! Brings back a few memories.