Monday, February 06, 2006

catching up

Ok, so somehow nearly 2 months has passed by since my last blog. How did that happen? To ease myself back into it here's a few photos :

This one was taken at Perranporth beach on the day of Jamie's dedication down at Truro Vineyard just before Christmas. It was a special day, made all the more poignant by the knowledge that his Dad (my brother-in-law) Karl had just been called up to go to Iraq. He goes out with the Auxiliary RAF for 3 months this summer.

We spent a nice and quiet Christmas down at Su's mum's in Yateley. We then went over to Su's dad's for a couple of days where we actually got some snow. It was only a couple of inches but enough to make everywhere look nice. I wanted to stay there 'cos we never get any snow in Coventry. (I can completely understand Michael bemoaning the blandness of English winter weather, where is the harsh winter we were promised?)

Just after New Year we went for a walk in the Berwyn hills with our friends Steve and Siobhan. For our North American friends, here is a stone circle which is probably around 4000 years old.

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