Friday, March 07, 2008

Understanding the Muslim World

The end of another busy week at Trinity, and the end of an excellent course - 'Understanding the Muslim World'. This was a really well run course, probably one of the best I've attended so far at Trinity, with some expert speakers, and plenty of time for questions. It did sometimes raise more questions than it answered due to the highly complex nature of the subject, but was fascinating nonetheless. The tone of the course, set by the contributors such as Richard Sudworth and Colin Chapman, was very much a both/and approach to the dialogue or evangelism question, which I embrace. In other words in our relation to muslims, we need to pay as much attention to the great commandment, to love our neighbour as ourselves, as to the great commission. The course didn't, however, avoid some of the tough questions that the muslim community needs to ask itself, and is doing.

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Anonymous said...

And diaogue can happen at an indivdual aswell as corporate level. I was always amazed n individual dialogue how popular Islam was differant from the Isam I had read about. The Islam i had read about was about Theology and History, wheas the emphasis amongst aot of muslms I have spoke to has been on culture/identity. I misuderstood Islam on a popular level, likewise t struck me how how the some Muslims viewed christianity in a way which I didn't recognise. i.ethat Christians worship Mary, Christians don't realise that the bibles the are reading are differant from each other.

If dialogue is clear presentation of each religion, comparisons and similiarites being exlored, cariracture being challeneged.. then what is evangelism?

Yeah I attended he firs half of the course and it was top notch.