Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's a JibJab Life

A friend of mine sent me this for Christmas last year. I watched it again with friends last night and I'd forgotten how funny it is. They encouraged me to share it here, so here it is - It's a Wonderful Life as you've never seen it, starring yours truly, Su, Napoleon Dynamite and the Bishop of Durham. Thanks, Michael.

Don't send a lame Holiday eCard.
Try JibJab Sendables!

p.s. I've noticed that this embedded shockwave thing seems to crash my browser on occasion, so if that happens to you, then follow this link and watch it, which seems to work better.


Anonymous said...

Mate - i am glad you listened to your friends and stuck this on - briliant! Good to see you guys yesterday!! Love the snowy william also. Last night as putting arianna down she was like, su, jon, su, william, jon, su (not sure she knew it was spelt without the h) you get the picture!!!!

Jon said...

Hi Lee,

thanks for having us over. The lunch was fantastic adn a good time was had by all.

That is so cute about Arianna. She's a star.


Anonymous said...

It only crashes cos you have a Mac.... I have put a link on my blog...

Lewis said...

This is great! And the video of William. Great to see you guys enjoying life!

If you ever fancy a day out on a hill somewhere(...?), please visit!!

Jon said...

Jon, thanks for the link. Now listen, if something crashes on the Mac, it is NEVER the macs fault. This is an incontrovertable, objective, eternal fact. :)

Hey Lewis, glad you like it. One of these days I WILL take you up on your offer and pay you a visit in them thar' hills.