Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Breaking News

William is going to have a little brother or sister. Went today for a 12 week scan at Southmead, and everything looks ok so far.
Due date is 25th March.

This calls for a celebration. How about the greatest breakbeat ever -

The break from apache by The Incredible Bongo Band.

Oh, ok, here's a bit more -

or how about the Amen break, from Amen Brother by The Winstons-

the basis of all Drum and Bass, here it is looped and speeded up to 160 BPM -

Recorded from vinyl into Garageband, trimmed, looped, sped up, then converted to mp3.

Do I know how to waste time or what? But hey, it's a good day.


Anonymous said...

Yo fools, big congrats on the second, I shall return to form by giving you some of the Dunkley poetry.

In these days of age I think back to the days in Coventry, and realize the irony, I need to take a sip, and then lick, after the insults to the crowd, all the good things are realized, the sister is bought or sold, We ignore,
none of the bad, just the good, we are all showing fatigue but one more time we will dance to the fool's gold and laugh at Nick.

Not vintage I know, but when happy and content it is hard to get angst.

Love to Su, Will and bump; and respect to the JT dog

Jon said...

thanks Mr. D,

beautiful, just beautiful.

see you soon.

Ellen Loudon said...

congratulations to you all! xxx

Nick said...

Yeah! Send our love to Su. Another Taylor? That is so cool.

I saw this and thought you'd appreciate it:


Jon said...

Thanks Ellen. v. excited.

cheers, nick.

yeh, I saw that, in fact I blogged about it -

I think he did pretty well considering how potentially how much of a fool he could have made of himself. Colbert went pretty easy on him.

Look forward to catching up soon.


Lewis said...

I'm so chuffed for you two! March is a very good month to have a birthday, and there's a change the new bobba will be born on the best day too (20th of course...) :D

Anyway, big congrats to you, Su and William. So, that's a goalie and a right-back - just another 9 to go... ;-)

Michael Pahl said...

Hey, congrats to all of you! That's terrific!

Jon said...

thanks Lewis, not sure how su would feel about 11, but we'll see!

thanks Michael, love to the Pahl tribe.