Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ABC on Newsnight

I thought Rowan Williams was good on the newsnight special about the banking collapse last night. He condemned the excesses and pointed out that there had been no repentance, from the bankers, or anyone else.

I particularly enjoyed this exchange towards the end, talking about why we all, as a society went along with the excesses of spending and debt: (starts at 57:17 on iPlayer)

Rowan: 'Why exactly were we seduced by this?'

Paxman: 'well nobody's got an answer to that yet, have they?'

Rowan: 'Well, I could say original sin, which is a good start, but I'd need to spell that out...'

Paxman: 'I don't think you really believe that, do you?

Rowan: 'Original sin? Oh yes'

Paxman: 'You really think original sin is the cause of our delusion about this?'

Rowan: 'There is, inbuilt into human beings, a sort of dangerous taste for unreality

Paxman: (pauses) 'Right, that is far too complex a thought for this time of night.'


Andy Goodliff said...

Jon - nice blog. good to meet you last week. i blog here:

Jon said...

Hi Andy,
it was a great week wasn't it? I'm still processing it to be honest. Might blog about it soon.

I've already subscribed to your blog with bloglines, and I'm reading along.

Looking forward to seeing your draft of our letter to the powers that be in our churches :)