Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spruced Up Blog

I've given the blog a bit of a spring autumn clean in the hope that it might inspire me to do a bit more blogging. I've mainly just tidied up the side-bar a bit and added some shiny new buttons. I realise I'm probably talking to myself here but hey, it keeps me happy.

Firstly, I've removed the flickr widget. Being too tight to fork out for the flickr pro account it was only showing the most recent 200 photos that I'd uploaded, which were pretty old. I mainly upload photos to either facebook or picasa these days. When I put a new album up I'll put a link to it on the blog. There is a button to access the old flickr photos.

I've also removed the My Delicious widget. Although I will probably still bookmark links with delicious I'll try and keep it for the really interesting pages and just use twitter for the more ephemeral stuff. You can access My Delicious links with this button

There are various other buttons for twitter, facebook, youtube etc.

I've put my rss feed for the blog through feedburner and the new feed is You can subscribe to it with your rss reader of choice with this button

You can still subscribe to the comments feed here

Lastly, I've added a little 'share' gizmo to the bottom of each post (courtesy of blogplay) so you can more easily share my wisdom/drivel with the world.

Many thanks to Bruno Maia of IconTexto for the buttons.

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