Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bigmouth Strikes Again

Who would Jesus assasinate? Nutjob Pat Robertson has called for the US to 'take out' the democratically president of Venezuela!. Now I know the CIA have not been averse to orchestrating the overthrow of the odd South American government in the past (Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua etc) but you're not supposed to talk about that stuff on the 700 club. This guy really is a genius at self parody, but it is rather embarrassing that he bears the name "Christian". As I suspected sven has already picked up on this. For more 'Pat' related fun check out his 'Dear Pat' archive on his old blog. Seriously though, all self-respecting American Christians should pray for this fundie to keep his mouth shut or be secretly raptured (I'm already hoping that any self-respecting American Christian would boycott CBN, but I fear this may not be the case) . Jim Wallis writes an excellent piece about it here


Michael said...

Though I'm not self-respecting, I don't watch the Crap Broadcasting Network.

Kim said...
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