Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It's Been A Long Time

OK, so it's been over a month since I blogged. I have no excuses for this other than laziness and a complete lack of inspiration of what to write. After we got back from our week in Cornwall we had one day at home then we flew off to Shannon for a week of camping in Southern Ireland with our friends Pete and Hayley. Pete had somehow managed to get 4 return flights from Luton to Shannon for £71. That's not £71 each, but £71 for everyone, including tax! We hired a car and worked our way round the Dingle peninsula, the 'Ring of Kerry' and the South West corner round to Cork, camping at 5 different campsites in 7 nights. The countryside was stunning, like the Lake district had been picked up and dumped in Cornwall (but without the crowds of tourists), giving me my two favourite things - mountains and rugged coastline. The weather was amazing, glorious sunshine virtually every day, which is apparently even more unusual for Ireland than it is for Cornwall. We took loads of photos, some of which I'll post on here. It seems like ages ago now. The rest of the (so-called) summer has consisted of working at the bookshop, working with Prof. Hull, decorating our front room and job-hunting (so far unsuccessfully), oh and watching cricket of course.


Michael said...

It lives!!!

Please say hello to John Hull for me. And it looks like your guy in Coldplay thinks like you:


Jon said...

You're right. Tony asked me to go as well. I respect him and all (despite once calling him a warmonger) but I refuse to be used for a shameless photo opportunity.