Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday

Well it's day 1 of Lent. So far the alcohol free thing is going great. I haven't touched a single drop all day :). 40 days does seem like a long time though, although I have to remember that Sundays are feast days that don't count in the 40 days. (Something I didn't realise last year). So maybe my wine intake with Sunday dinner will increase:)

The thirst for life thing has made me think about how many peoples lives are destroyed by alcohol and other addictions. I can only think, 'there but for the grace of God go I.' If I didn't have such a comfortable life, if I was on the streets for example, maybe I would depend on alcohol rather than 'enjoy it responsibly.'
Last night I met a homeless man who had just fallen off the wagon after 18 months. He was understandably gutted. He asked me to pray with him, which I was glad to do, and then went on to pray one of the most penitent, beautiful prayers I have ever heard. I believe he meant it.

I'm not too sure what Ash Wednesday is all about. I know that Holy Trinity are doing their traditional Ash Wednesday service, where your forehead can be marked with a cross in ash and olive oil. I think it's a penitence thing. I must be very penitent, as I spend most days up to my eyeballs in ash. Unfortunately I will not be fasting today, as I have some pancake eating to catch up on, which I will be doing at mum and dad's tonight. I'd be such a rubbish Roman Catholic.

Sven has an excellent post on Jesus and Guantanamo Bay, which he has also done as a podcast.


Michael said...

Now that you are CofE I thought alcohol was required at all services :-).

I'm giving up sweets for lent. Pray for me. Thankfully, I don't live near Cadbury anymore.

Jon said...

I'll make sure I only take Holy Communion on Sundays :)

I'll definitely pray for you. How about biscuits/cookies? - that would be a real test!