Friday, March 03, 2006

Love Life Love Lent

Last night at housegroup we talked about this Lent programme, which was started in the Diocese of Birmingham and is apparently growing increasingly popular. The idea is that rather than just giving up chocolate for 40 days, and then eating lots of chocolate, giving onlookers the idea that for Christians Easter is all to do with chocolate, we actually take on some generous, practical habits as part of the Lent season. I think it looks like a brilliant idea. There are 50 actions altogether, falling into 6 different catagories - Personal, Friends, Neighbours, Church, Community, World. The actions are really simple and fun. Examples from the 1st week are - Have a meat free day, write to someone and thank them, spend some time in silence, give up your place to someone who is in a rush eg. traffic or shop queue. There have been more than 50,000 booklets distributed so far; could make quite an impact. Read more about it here or download the booklet (pdf).


Andy said...

This is an excellent initiative. There is also a kids booklet, which is brilliant - our kids arr really into it! I hope this gets extended beyond Let into a 365 day a year thing. A book with an idea for every day - woudln't take long for it to become a way of life, would it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know about this! Like you, I've given up alcohol for Lent but this helps focus the period in an intentional, practical way!

Go well!