Monday, May 15, 2006

Bono edits The Independent

The Independent is probably my favourite newspaper. Although it has definitely gone a bit more tabloidy since its new format, and is occasionally somewhat alarmist I enjoy it a bit more than the Grauniad, which gets a bit tedious, although it is probably my second choice. All the rest are right-wing, zenophobic, fascist rags, Murdoch owned or gutter press filth. (With the possible exception of The Mirror).
Anyway, tomorrow the Independent is guest edited by Bono, and half of the proceeds go to towards his RED initiative in the fight against AIDS. Go buy it.


Nick said...

Yeah! He blogs. Good to see you back in the land of the blogging. Did you get the shower finished? I wonder what guest editing a paper really means, suppose I'd better find out.

I agree with you about most of the other papers, although I got a copy of the film Metropolis in The Times on Saturday.

Did you get The Indypedia the other week? They were published in the Independent. Absolutely fantastic. For example I found out that 75,000 blogs are started every day. and that last year, the number of people visiting casualty because of accidents involving vegetables was 14,149! (tea cosies only caused 39 accidents, I think that was down on the previous year, not as common as they once were).

Jon said...

I think guest editing means shouting at people to make them get you coffee. Actually, I saw him in the newsroom of the Independent on Newsnight last night and he seemed to be doing the real thing. Basically I think he phoned a lot of his mates and got them do stuff. There's a piece by Geldof, a telephone interview with Blair and Brown, another interview with Eddie Izzard, and Condi Rice gives her top ten musical favourites.. oh and lots of stuff about Africa and the Aids crisis. Very striking front page.

I have 95% finished the shower. Just a little bit of sealing to finish off.

Missed out on the Indypedia, sounds very informative. I'll be more careful with my vegetables.