Tuesday, May 16, 2006

George Blush

Just in case anyone hasn't already seen it (it's been number 1 in the google video Top 100 for a couple of weeks at least). This has to be one of the most audacious and brilliant pieces of satirical comedy I've seen in a long time, if a little cruel. I hadn't heard of Stephen Colbert before this, although I have watched and enjoyed the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I'm not sure how this was allowed to happen. I actually almost felt sorry for George Bush having to sit through it, I guess he has to get some credit for actually being there, and for shaking Colbert's hand at the end (and for doing this earlier on in the evening). I'm not sure what the Whitehouse Correspondents' dinner is all about, but I understand that the speakers usually have a bit of a pop at the administration and the media in equal measure. I think Colbert actually does this, but of course he has been heavily criticised for being too harsh on the president, the conservative media proving Colbert's point for him. For those who happen to think he did a great job there is a blog to thank him.

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Nick said...

Finally got round to watching the Colbert piece. Painful and delightful! Not sure if he would be invited back!