Thursday, July 03, 2008

Learning Journal 15 - Worship and Prayer

At college I have found the discipline of daily morning prayer to both challenging and helpful. I come from a church background which didn’t use much liturgy and learning to appreciate it has been part of my journey into Anglicanism. I have also enjoyed engaging in worship in ways that are different from my own background such as the TaizĂ© week, the BCP weeks and the international weeks. The weekly communion service has been invaluable and has facilitated some of the most powerful worship in the life of the college community. I have really benefited from the weekly period of silence that occurs on a Wednesday morning and I would like to explore this spiritual discipline more as I go into ministry.

Most helpful of all has been being part of a prayer triplet with a couple of other guys who I’m good friends with. We are able to be frank and honest with each other, praying for and challenging each other to be the husbands, fathers and ministers that God is calling us to be. I would like to think that we can continue this habit, albeit less frequently, as we go into ministry.

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