Friday, July 11, 2008

Learning Journal 16 - Experience of Journaling

My experience of journaling has been a helpful one. Although I can’t claim to have been the most regular and consistent journal writer, when I have taken the time to reflect theologically on my experiences at college it has been a useful way of firming up my thinking in certain areas. It is sometimes easy for college life to go past in a blur, with so much happening and so many things to think about. It is helpful to slow down and separate things out in order to chew them over properly. At the same time I can recognise certain key areas and themes that crop up time and again which are clearly particular interests or passions of mine. This helps to clarify my calling and identify my priorities for future ministry.

I know that some people use journaling as a kind of spiritual discipline to accompany prayer and I can see how this could be a profitable exercise. I could note prayer requests, and answers to prayer and reflect on what God has been doing in my life. I think discipline would be the key word for me, because journaling does not come naturally to me, which probably means it’s all the more important.

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