Friday, August 08, 2008

Mark Driscoll Kicks His Own Ass

'Mark Driscoll, Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, took a dramatic stand against girly men at a Pastor’s Conference in Houston last week.

The conference, called “re:tool and re:load,” previously billed as “jesus 2.0,” featured speakers from around the country with the stated focus of “Making the Gospel and Missiology Relevant to Post Modern Culture.” Speaking at the last session of the conference, Driscoll focused his three-and-a-half-hour talk on the need for pastors to be more alpha.

“The problem with our churches today is that the lead pastor is some sissy boy who wears cardigan sweaters, has The Carpenters dialed in on his iPod, gets his hair cut at a salon instead of a barber shop, hasn’t been to an Ultimate Fighting match, works out on an elliptical machine instead of going to isolated regions of Russia like in Rocky IV in order to harvest lumber with his teeth, and generally swishes around like Jack from Three’s Company whenever Mr. Roper was around.”'

read the whole thing at The Wittenburg Door


update: NB - Please note - this is a SATIRE. It is made up. It has come to my attention that some folk thought these quotes were real!

the following excerpt should make this clear -
In Houston, Driscoll was intent on making absolutely clear that he is in favor of masculinity. At the 2 hour, 15 minute mark, he invited five pastors from the audience to take the stage, put his hands behind his back, stuck out his chin, and said, “Hit me with your best shot. Go on. I won’t hit you back. I want to show everyone what this is all about.” When none of the five took a swing, Driscoll had them escorted from the building and proceeded to hit himself five times.

“This is what being a pastor is about, guys. If you can’t handle it, go back to teaching yoga or playing My Little Pony with the other girls.”


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Jon. A few comments are in order.
1) Driscoll could be read (listened) to at face value or we could use a 'hermenuetic of love' to recognise the abundance of rhetoric in his words. [Although finding Driscoll funny I do think that his humour/rhetoric can be off putting]

2) Are there God-given differences between the sexes which allow us to talk legitimately about male/female leadership types.

3) As a fellow ordinand I do at times feel emasculated. i.e. When being passed flowers in a worship setting, listening to worship songs which seem, at times (at least the way i hear them), to see Jesus as a lover

Jon said...

This satire is just a bit of fun at Driscoll's expense. I'm sure Driscoll is man enough to take it. It works because it has elements of truth in it.

I've heard enough of Driscoll to realise he is not really my cup of tea, but that doesn't mean I disagree with him on everything he says. I don't feel as strongly as these guys for example.

There are clearly God given differences between the sexes which mean that in general men and women will tend to lead in different ways. There are also many different leadership types within genders. I resent the idea that anyone who doesn't fit into Driscoll's particular butch, machismo stereotype is 'sissy' or less than male.

As you know I disagree with the Driscoll/NFI line that the Holy Spirit doesn't gift women to lead.

I agree with your point three and this has been pointed out many times. It is especially a problem in the CofE. I think the seminar by Professor Glynn Harrison at Woodlands had a much more balanced approach.