Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Back from a cracking weekend at Greenbelt, with the Barnes, the Swales, and the Johns.
Check out some of the photos on flickr.
It was fantastic to hang out with friends, and meet new people, and I loved the eclectic mix of music, arts and challenging talks. Some of the highlights for me include seeing Michael Franti and Spearhead on Friday night, singing the Lord's prayer with Brian McClaren, (He blogs about his Greenbelt experience here) hearing Tall Skinny Kiwi speak about emerging church and about mission (blogging) in the 1024 window, beer and hymns in the 'Jesus Arms', meeting Jon Birch, and only later realising that he is ASBO Jesus (There is an interview with him here), and discovering the amazing Shlomo. All in all, an inspiring (and knackering) weekend.

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