Monday, February 11, 2008

Back once again...

Well, the blog has been given a spring clean and once again here I go with an attempt to write something on a semi-regular basis. Given my track record, I don't hold out much hope. My goal is to improve on the grand total of entries for my blog last year - four. No point in setting my sights too high. I am spurred on by my buddies from Trinity, Mr Barnes, the philosopher poet, and Mr Swales the future Archbishop of Canterbury.

Speaking of the Archbishop of Canterbury, I hope that most people have managed to get their knickers untwisted after realising that he didn't actually say what he is being made out to have said. Then again, our best-selling newspaper is the Sun, so I won't hold my breath. Tom Wright has written an excellent letter to his clergy, which has been posted on the fulcrum site, as has this piece by Andrew Goddard (somewhat lengthier). Richard Sudworth at Distinctly Welcoming is also well worth a read. (He's coming to Trinity soon to speak on our Islam course).

On a less controversial note, check out the ABC on the emergent church over at emergent village.


Jon Swales said...

Good your back in the blogging world. Hope you put some of your research on here as wouuld be keen to dialogue

Jon said...

Hi Jon,
I will do as soon as I get some research done!

I'm wondering whether I should switch to word press?


Steven Harris said...

Nice to have you back after too long an absence Jon!

Jon said...

Hi Steven,

good to hear from you. I see you are prolific as ever. Let's see if I can beat 4 posts in 2008 :)