Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Justice Mail

I don't know about you but I'm one of those people who claims to be concerned for social justice but rarely makes time to do any campaigning. My former employer John Hull helps to lead a group called Justice Mail. They send out requests for action (usually twice a month) on issues which you can respond to by sending an email or a letter. Here is the blurb :

"Justice Mail is for busy people who want to be active on issues of social justice but have not time to do the research. We send you brief information including a link to a site where you can send an email message. This will take only five minutes, and we send you our suggestions for action every week or two. You are not expected to act on them all; you make your own decisions.

We select for action only issues from current campaigns of major social justice organisations such as Oxfam, World Development Movement, Christian Aid, Church Action on Poverty, Jubilee Debt Campaign and Amnesty.
We have two administration centres, one in Birmingham at All Saints parish church in Kings Heath, and the other in the Church of the Martyrs in Leicester. We hope to create other local groups.

Although one of our aims is to increase awareness of social justice issues in local churches, we are open to all people both religious and secular, who share our hopes for a fairer world."

I thought that for Lent I would try and make a bit more of an effort to take action on some of these issues. The early February action is for Jubilee Debt Campaign.

"Dear Justice Mail Friends,

Although responses from the UK government to our earlier messages indicate that the category of illegitimate debt is not recognized by our government, we must keep up the pressure. Jubilee Debt is asking us to protest at the £525 million incurred by the dictator Suharto during his period of office more than 10 years ago. This loan enabled jet planes and tanks to be bought from Britain and were used for the suppression of the people in East Timor. Indonesia is still repaying this debt in spite of the fact the more than half the population lives in poverty. Follow the link below.


Yours Faithfully,

If you would like to join Justice Mail, and there is no charge, send a message to John Hull j.hull@queens.ac.uk (West of Britain).

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