Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eddie Gibbs - Plenary Week

First week back at college after Christmas break. I have to say I wasn't really looking forward to it but as it happens it has been fantastic. We have had a plenary week on 'Transformation Leadership' with Eddie Gibbs from Fuller Theological Seminary. Well, what a week! I can honestly say that I think this has been the best and most inspiring week since I started at Trinity. (sorry Jon, who was ill for most of it)
Eddie is an amazing guy. He is 70 years old and yet he absolutely has his finger on the pulse both in terms of the trends that are occurring in society and the various ways the church is (or ought to be) responding.
He was very inspiring to listen to because he is not only switched on, but so full of the grace and joy of the Lord. At the same time he was prophetic in speaking to the problems of the church and yet remains hopeful and is not into deconstruction but positive change .
He was a personal friend of John Wimber. He told us the story of when he visited the snake handling pentecostal church with Wimber. I had always heard that story go round, but Eddie was actually there. He reminded me a lot of my Vineyard days and church planting and why I signed up for this whole thing in the first place.

You can listen to the talks and view his powerpoint slides at the new Trinity Media blog


Lewis said...

Eddie Gibbs eh?! Sounds like it was great though. I'll give those mp3s a listen when I've got a spare few.

Hope all is well mate (as 25th March gets increasingly closer!). All the best to Su, hope she's doing well with it.

Also, glad to read you're doing the PhD. I always thought it would suit you - as would lecturing - so it's all exciting news! Speak soon mate,

Jon said...

Hi Lewis, yeah he was great.

We are good thanks. Su thinks she is as big as a house already and she is very tired but it goes with the territory I guess.

thanks for the encouragement.

I heard you were gonna do some Hebrew tutoring, is that right? any more thoughts on the MPhil-PhD front?

take care,


Lewis said...

Hi Jon. Yes, I gave the first Hebrew lecture on Wednesday. It went well, but I feel completely unqualified to be there! Out of interest, where did you hear? (i.e. who are you still in touch with?)

The plan is to start the MPhil at Birmingham Uni and progress to the PhD. And try and learn German somewhere between the two... ahem...

Glad Su is doing well. It's all exciting!

Perhaps a meet for a coffee is on the cards at some point? Might be good to catch up and argue over theological issues!! (No.. you're wrong...)

Speaking of which, the first thing Mark Beaumont said to me: "Ah.. you're facebook picture is odd - you look like something from Lord of the Rings. I've been concerned about you... I haven't been praying for your conversion or anything... just concerned!"

Nothing changes.

Jon said...

Hi Lew,

good news about the Hebrew, and the MPhil/PhD plans. I hope it all works out. I think I just saw something about the Hebrew thing on facebook somewhere. I'm not in touch with too many people, mainly Michael Strickland, and Rodney. Out of interest, which book are you teaching out of. I just started up Hebrew again and we have been using Pratico and Van Pelt Not as detailed as Weingreen, but a lot more accessible!

Yeah, a coffee would be great. Do you have any particular days when it would be good? I have a half-term week beginning 16th Feb. Maybe sometime that week?

take care buddy,
and don't forget -YOU'RE WRONG!

Lewis J. Boulton said...
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Lewis J. Boulton said...

I'm still using Weingreen as Wales seem happy for that - although, I'm really only using the exercises. I am using Pratico & Van Pelt, but not the grammer - it's called "a graded reader of Biblical Hebrew". Very useful.

Meeting up during your reading week would be fab. How are you set for Wednesday 18th?

I'll get practising my Mark impression...