Monday, January 19, 2009

Second Week of College

The first 'normal' week at college after the superb 'plenary' week. I don't feel like I achieved an awful lot workwise. I did however finish off Seyoon Kim's Christ and Caesar which is a fairly substantial critique of the 'fresh perspective on Paul'. Should I just give up my research now? Well, not quite, but I can certainly see ways in which my work is going to have to be nuanced. I submitted an abstract for the Bristol University theology post-grad conference. That should give me an incentive to get some work done if nothing else does.
This week I started learning Hebrew again, taught by AJ Culp, another post-grad here at Trinity. Amazing how much I had forgotten, but it is coming back to me now and it is lots of fun. If I could be paid to learn Hebrew and Greek and research stuff that I'm interested in I'd be a happy man...wait a minute - that is what I'm being paid to do. So that's why I'm applying to stay on another two years. Sent off a few letters for funding this week, but need to do lots more.
I also got the Trinity Media blog up and running which I'm pretty chuffed with.

Finished off the week with a session @ Shirehampton Working Men's Club (now there's an irony) with the lads, then hanging out with the Barnes and the Swales on Saturday, topped off with a Chinese takeaway at our place.

A bit concerned that our house in Coventry is going to cost us a fair bit to get the electrics and stuff sorted out ready for the new tennants, but hey, at least we've got some new tennants.

All in all, a good week.

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Jacob Richman said...

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