Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Had a good couple of days. Got lots of reading done, which has been nice. Yesterday I cycled into town, (in the rain this time though). Went to the cathedral to pray for Iraq. Turned out not to be as serene as I'd hoped. At least 2 parties of noisy schoolkids. Spent most of the afternoon in Moods, reading 'A New Kind of Christian' which Nick has lent me. I haven't hardly been able to put it down since Monday. It is very well written, and I'm surprised how much of the stuff I'm already on board with. I'll try and formulate some more thoughts at some point.

Last night was down at 'The Meeting Place', the drop in meal thing at the Sally Army that we have been helping out at. There are some wonderful people down there. Some wonderfully screwed up people as well. I always find going down there exciting, stimulating, scary and heartbreaking all at once. I should never complain ever again about anything in my life, but I will.

Met up with a friend, Jon, a Lebanese guy.He was buying all kinds of wonderful gifts for his wife's birthday which is tomorrow. I swear middle-eastern people know something about generosity and passion that I need to learn.

This evening as I was walking into town I started to get a bit anxious about job type stuff. This is the main thing I'm praying about at the moment. Whether to do another year at bible college, what to do if I don't, what to do over the summer if I do. I know God is putting things in my heart, but there's still a lot of out-working to do. Anyway, this was all buzzing round my head 'til I got to Moods where our housegroup was s'posed to be meeting up tonight ('cept it was shut), Just then, I bumped into Ghislain, a guy from Burundi who I'd met the first day he arrived in this country to seek asylum. That day he didn't know where Coventry was in England. He spoke v. little english and wasn't really sure how to claim asylum. I managed to get him a solicitor and somewhere to stay via the refugee council. It was so cool to see him. Turn's out he's been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain, has got engaged to a lovely Christian (also from Burundi) and he's applied to do law at Cov .Uni. Seeing him lifted me right up. Thank you Lord.

Su is away tonight, which is probably why I'm still up. anyway 'nuff ramblings for tonight.

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