Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Yesterday was beautiful. Cycled round to Nick's in the morning, chatted about church stuff and prayed. Spent the afternoon reading and trying to sort out the blog. Then last night a few of us piled round to Nick and Vicki's again to watch a DVD - Reign of Fire. Now there's an abismally poor/cheesy film if ever I saw one. Still, it was nice to see people.

I was thinking about going down to the Cathedral to do some praying. I pop in there now and again and I do find it helpful. Its a bit wierd 'cos they always think that you're going to be a tourist and try and give you a little guide book (and to put some money in, of course). When you say you've come in to pray they look a bit shocked.

God has been challenging/inspiring me and Su about praying recently. Usually, whenever I feel a bit guilty about praying, I read a book on prayer to try and sort it out, and then forget to pray. But this time I read a simple little book by Bill Hybels,Too Busy Not to Pray, and it's really cool. So we're 'training not trying' to pray more, as individuals and as a couple, and that's also what inspired me to write this journal. I know I need so much more of God. I need His wisdom and His guidance. So help me Lord!

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