Tuesday, April 22, 2003

First day back at college today after the Easter holidays. I can't believe it's the summer term already! this year is flying past. Had Jonathan Bentley this morning for our 'evangelism' module. I think it's going to be a good course, very encouraging. Talked about the importance of our inner life for being a faithful witness. Thought these questions were good for accountability type stuff

Am I content with who I'm becoming?

Am I becoming less religious and more spiritual?

Does my family recognise my spiritual growth?

Do I have a 'flow through' attitude? i.e. am I being generous with what I've been given, or am I storing it up like a reservoir

Do I have a quiet centre to my life?

Have I found my "because"?

Is my prayer life improving?

Have I maintained a genuine awe of God?

Is God bigger in my life than He was last year?

Am I feeding on the right spiritual diet?

Do I have joy?

definitely food for thought.

I am wondering if I should keep a more private journal or just stick with this one.

Went to the Easter Holy Communion service at the local Anglican church in Yately. It was awesome. Really alive, moving and meaningful. (We were warned by 3 different people before the service that we would probably have prefered the previous 'family' service as it was less 'traditional', but we loved the one that we went to). Its amazing how embedded the consumerist idea of church-going is, we just felt it was a real privilege to worship with them.

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