Tuesday, May 06, 2003

wow! 2 weeks have gone past since I last blogged here. what have I been up to? Well last week I managed to play football 3 times which was cool. Wednesday, 6 of us from college played 3 a side on half a full size pitch for an hour. Just when we were about to die, we got challenged to a game by 6 local lads (schoolboys). We got slaughtered. v. embarrassing. after 25 minutes we made our excuses and left. Thursday was 5-a-side with the Marconi boys, always a pleasure. Saturday, our college team played against a team from one of the Birmingham churches which consisted of boys and girls average age 12. We only just won. And we felt good about beating them. How sad are we?
Friday night went out to dinner at Steve and Siobhans, (with Neil and Mikey B) too. These are the guys we went snowboarding with. lovely people. Saturday night we went to a party at Steve and Jo's, for Jo's birthday. Met some friends of their's Al and Emma who are Christians. Al organises hip-hop nights in Leamington and Brum. v. funky.
I have a 'preaching engagement' on Sunday @ a little evangelical church in Birmingham. I have to do a half hour sermon and a ten minutes children's talk (yikes!). They'd best get the brushwood and matches ready. Major prayer needed.

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