Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Need to blog more! Housegroup was cool tonight, Su Clay was back from her O.T. placement. It was great to see her. Bert brought his friend Caroline along which was cool. Talked about Dying to Live, following on from Nick's talk on Sunday. At least we starting off talking about that then moved onto building genuine friendships with non-Christians, sorry, people who aren't yet following Jesus. It seems like lots of people feel they have nothing they can talk about with people or nothing in common and the frustration of smalltalk.
I think we need to focus on this a lot more. How to have common interests and build genuine relationships with people.
I have so much in my head at the moment. 5 essays to write. At least 3 of them have to be in in just over 2 weeks time. I find when I am stressing about 1 thing that I stress about everything else too. Church stuff. Job stuff. Future stuff. I constantly need to remind my self to hand everything back to God. I am asking God to make me delight in Him more than anything else in life.

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