Sunday, May 11, 2003

Well, I did my preach at Beeches Evangelical church this morning. Seemed to go ok, I was probably the most nervous I've been about any talk I've done for some reason, but God really helped me when I was up there. For the childrens story I did an updated version of the prodigal son which Su helped me write, gave out balloons, party balloons and lollipops which went down well. The church was about as far removed from Coventry Vineyard as can be, ex-brethren v. conservative evangelical. We actually sang 'All Things Bright and Beautiful'. Probably the first time I'd sang that since school. They were very welcoming and v. kind about what I said (and generous too). Didn't rock the boat too much, although I did talk about how the Father lost all sense of respectability and dignity and breaking with tradition in order to run out to the lost son. And I talked about prostititutes quite a lot. (to the adults this is, not the kids!).
This afternoon was another BBQ in the park which was good fun. I love hanging out, BBQing, playing aerobie and football.
Then we had explore the bible this evening where we are continuing to read through Acts. Amazing stuff. I love the prayer of the disciples in Acts 4:24-30. v.powerful. This week as a community here at Coventry Vineyard we are agreeing to spend half an hour each day in prayer. God seems to be speaking to loads of people about prayer at the moment. Found out that, quite independantly of each other, Nick and Andrew McNeil were speaking about prayer this morning, using the Lord's prayer model. And the church I spoke at this morning did it last week. Anyway, must go to bed now. Goodnight.

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