Friday, April 04, 2003

Worked at Wesley Owen today. I kind of like working there, but it kind of winds me up as well. So many of the books they sell are just junk IMHO. They sell good stuff as well but there are so many 'The secret to a successful life/ministry/whatever books. Just confess this daily and shout at the devil and you'll be free and liviin' in victory type stuff. Oh well, people have gotta make a living I suppose.

There was a bomb scare in Birmingham today. The police cordened off several streets and evacuated the shops. We were told to stay put and keep away from the windows while they did some controlled explosions on a car. The 2 customers in the shop had to stay in the shop for 2 hours. We made them tea. At least they had plenty of reading material. The Prayer of Jabez for People Caught in a Bomb Scare?

Tired now so I'm off to bed, good night.

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