Friday, April 29, 2005

Comments Confusion

I have just realised something quite annoying regarding my comments. On my blog I have been using enetation for comments which on the whole has been quite satisfactory (apart from last month when it went down for a couple of days). I therefore haven't had blogger comments visible on my main page. Today I realised that for the individual entry pages blogger must use a different template as it displays the blogger comments but not the enetation ones. This has meant that if people access my blog via the individual posts (say through bloglines or something) they may leave comments which I don't generally see. Sorry if I have ignored anyone who has left comments in this way (mainly andy and steve I think.) I'm sure there is a way of sorting this out (anyone?) but I can't be faffed to at the moment so for now I will display both sets of comments on my main page.

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