Monday, April 11, 2005


Well it's that time again. So who's it to be? The warmonger, the fascist, or the one who won't get in? What me cynical? Someone once said that voting Labour is like wiping your backside, it's got to be done but you don't exactly enjoy doing it. A necessary evil you might say. The alternative is unthinkable to me.
It seems Mr. Howard wants to make immigration one of his main electioneering points. I find this worrying because it is, as the Lib. Dems argue, a complex issue which cannot be reduced to soundbites because it is so open to misinterpretation, historic anxieties and xenophobia. I know that people have genuine fears, mostly unfounded in my opinion, and fed by our best-selling newspapers The Sun and The Daily Mail and the evil Express. I just hope things don't get ugly.
Some myth-busting facts about asylum here

Howard's 'solution' to the immigration problem is to provide 24 hour surveillance at ports. (Well, at 35 of them anyway, there are 100s). An idea that has been denounced as uncosted and unworkable by a former immigration officer, and all this with £35 billion worth of tax cuts.
Having shown my colours, I promise this will be the last time I blog about the election (well maybe).


Deek Deekster said...

thanks Jon, a nice piece. i linked from Five - pity that's your last word on the whole shambles..

Jon said...

Hi Deek!

only just seen your comment, thanks for the link. You're er.. slightly more profilic than me, especially on the election eh?