Thursday, April 28, 2005


My favourite sweets in the world are midgets gems, I have enjoyed them my whole life. But they had to be Lion's Midget Gems, no other brand would do. The best thing about them was there chewiness. They were rock hard and shiny, like gems in fact. The best ones were the black ones, which were liquorice flavour. These were quite strange and mysterious, and unusual for a jelly sweet. Not everyone liked them, which was ok 'cos it meant more for me.
Well, Lion's have been taken over by Maynard's (the wine gums people), and they've CHANGED THEM! They're not shiny any more, and they've made them soft and squidgy like all the other poor immitations. Worst of all, they've changed the black ones. The positive spin that they put on this it that they've introduced a new, blackcurrant flavour, but of course the liquorice has gone. The blackcurrant is ok, but not a patch on the originals. Of course I will be writing to Maynard's to complain about this outrageous travesty of justice, but I may never get over this.

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