Friday, April 29, 2005

Top albums

sven has asked people to post about their three favourite albums. It's almost impossible to narrow things down to 3 but here goes :

It sounds clich├ęd to say it but The Stone Rose's eponymous first album is possibly the best debut album ever. I was lent a tape of the album when I was 15 and was immediately hooked. I grew my hair into a bowl cut and started wearing flares. I wore out 2 tape versions of the album and then got it on vinyl, which got nicked at university :(. How to describe their sound? - 60's inspired psychadelic jangly guitar pop with a heavy dose of funk and Manc attitude. Reminds me of summer and misspent youth.

I can't remember when I got into Stevie Wonder, I think it was sometime at Uni, but when I did I got into him bigtime. As well as being one of the funkiest people ever, he is just an incredibly gifted musician with an amazing voice and surely one of the most influencial black artists of all time. His early motown stuff is great, but it is his '70s output which represents his best work. I was torn between 'Songs in the Key of Life' and 'Talking Book' but I think for shear variety of styles it has to be the double album 'Songs'. It's worth buying just for 'Knocks me off my feet'.

There had to be a Beatles album and I think it's got to be Abbey Road. There is always a huge debate which is the best Beatle's album. Contenders would be Rubber Soul and Revolver but Abbey Road is my favourite. It's one of those albums that you can just put on and sit and listen to just for the sake of listening to it. George Harrison comes into his own with 'Something' and 'Here comes the sun' but the highlight is the medley on side 2 (remember sides?). Pure genius. I feel sorry for people who've never heard it. I have memories of sitting around with housemates listening to this album back to back for entire evenings, trying to play along with our guitars.The best album by the best group of all time.

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