Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ash Wednesday

Well today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. We did pancakes a day late with our housegroup tonight as we were out last night. I only managed 5 pancakes, which is quite frankly pathetic. Hayley ate about 12, but then she bounced out of our house on a sugar high which is probably going to get her arrested. It was Pete and Hayley's last night at our housegroup as we are planting them out to start a new group next week which is quite exciting.
This lent Su and I will be mostly...not watching TV, praying together nightly, and I think I'm going to read through the gospel of John. Suzy said I should give up blogging, but I said that was going too far:) Then I was thinking, maybe as a discipline I could actually try and write a blog each day for 40 days! (so expect a significant dip in quality, if that were possible)(although thinking about it, this may turn into yet another essay avoiding technique, so may not be wise). It's interesting how many Christians in non-traditional churches seem to be up for using lent as a season of focusing/fasting/slowing or whatever these days. Just found out my parents are doing '40 days of purpose' at a Pentecostal church in Bedworth. Life is weird.
I'm about half way through my dissertation now, and I'm going to give in a (very) rough first draft on Friday to check I'm not completely barking up the wrong tree. I do seem to be the world's slowest writer, today I wrote about 2 paragraphs all day, and I was really trying!
Well, it's getting late, so I'm just going to treat myself to a new Tom Wright article then it's off to bed.

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