Friday, February 11, 2005

Lent Day 3

Just watched the Michael Mann thriller collateral. It was pretty cool I guess. It was interesting to see Tom Cruise as a bad-ass hitman. So what's happened today? This morning I had a pretty interesting lecture in our Christianity and Secular Thought module about miracles. We have covered the whole Hume 'miracles don't happen' thing, and today we we're looking at Tillich. Tillich, and many other liberals, in reaction to the view of God as a usually absent Diety who occasionally intervenes in the world to tweek it, saw God as within the cosmos. He redefines miracles as sign-events, which cause no disruption to the laws of nature, but are basically in the eye of the beholder. I guess in reaction to this, many conservatives still hold to the supernaturalist view of God who arbitrarily intervenes in ways we cannot explain which we then call miracles. The truth is, as so often it would seem to me, a both-and. God is involved in the everyday laws of nature, upholding all things, underpinning them. But He is also free to interact with humanity in surprising ways, which may be seen to violate but not destroy the laws of nature. We must be careful of a God-of-the-gaps attititude, whereby things that can be explained by science are not attributed to God and everything else is, but there are more things in heaven an earth than Hume will allow for. Anyway...
this afternoon I worked at Wesley-Owen which is always a strange experience. Listened to some Christian death metal. Latest in the Jesus junk line is the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' study bible...genius.
Oh yeah, why not send Mandy a letter, courtesy of Christian Aid. Just fill in your name, print out, sign and post.

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