Sunday, February 27, 2005

Lent Day 18

I've added a funky little flickr thing to my sidebar which flicks through some of my favourite photos. I think it looks pretty cool, so there.
My blogroll continues to grow, I think I'm up to 42 or so now. Thanks to bloglines it doesn't take me all day to check them all (just half a day). Recent additions (some of which I still need to add to my blogroll) include :
bigbulkyanglican - a guy called Tom Allen, an Anglican priest up in the Pennines
The destruction of Gog - Richard McIntosh, fan of NT Wright so must be a decent chap, friend of :
sven - consistently funny and articulate theology student in convalescence, through whom I found out about :
The Full Stop - Surreal, hilarious, Vonnegut-like blogging Genius
Gower Street - Jason, an Episcopal priest in Michigan, who likes the Beastie Boys, and interviewed N.T. Wright, which I think is a good combination.
Meam Commemorationem - Anglo-Catholic American? who I think is studying at St. John's in Durham.
NT Gateway blog - Mark Goodacre's NT gateway blog
silken threads - Haven't read much of this yet, but I think it's another theology student who seems to be researching all things 'emerging' church, nice looking blog.
Anyway, that will have to do for now, 'cos it's way past my bedtime.

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