Sunday, March 06, 2005

Lent Day 26

I'm supposed to be restricting myself to only reading stuff directly related to my course at the moment, which I mostly am. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow of what's on your mind though. So here's the latest bunch :
Lent Reading :

Following on with the atonement theme, here is one that I picked up a while a go but have just been dipping into recently, this is one of the ones underlying some of Steve Chalke's ideas I think.

Talking of scandal, here is the new one from Ron Sider (always good for a bit of a wake-up call). For anyone familiar with Dalllas Willard's stuff, this covers very similar ground. Arguing for a holistic gospel that takes seriously structural sin as well as personal, discipleship rather than 'cheap grace' and an all round kick up the backside for evangelicals :

In Jesus and the Victory of God, Tom Wright had a section on how the story of the prodigal son retold the story of the exile and restoration of Israel. Well, after he'd written that chapter, here is the book that he said he kicked himself after seeing :

Jacob and The Prodigal - How Jesus Retold Israel's Story by Kenneth E. Bailey

finally, in our 3rd year Old Testament studies we have to look at mostly critical stuff which questions much of the historicity of the OT. Just to keep some balance, here's a tour de force from the great Kenneth Kitchen which calls into question many of the critical assumptions :

That lot should keep me busy for now! I've decided that when I finish my degree, I'm going to take a complete fast from reading, see how I can cope.

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