Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Lent Day 37

Blogger seems to have eaten my entry from Monday, but thankfully I suspected it was playing silly devils so I saved the post and have reposted it, I think I may have lost a comment from sven though.
Today is the day when I hack my essays down to size, which is always a painful process. I'll be glad to give them in tomorrow though, which is my last day of lectures, ever! (Well, until I do a post-grad. degree anyway, probably in retrirement;) )
Looking forward to the Easter weekend, when my sister Rachel, with her husband Karl and baby Jamie are coming up for the weekend. They're the family in the pictures on flickr, by the way. Cool article on the BBC about flickr here, seems it's becoming the photo sharing website of choice for many bloggers, oh.. and Yahoo!

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