Monday, March 21, 2005

Lent Day 35

We had our last lecture on the gospel of John today. This has been a fascinating course on an amazing book. Someone once said that the gospel of John is like a pool that's safe for a child to paddle in but deep enough for an elephant to swim in, and I can certainly see the truth in this. It's definitely simple, and yet profound at the same time with hidden depths of meaning. (Although, one of my fellow students did make the rather bizarre claim that he didn't see any symbolism in John)...mmm let's see...
Jesus: I tell you the truth, no-one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.
Nicodemus: You mean I need to enter into my mother's womb a second time?
Jesus: Yes

I must admit I was a little disappointed this year when I found out that we wouldn't be taught NT by Dr. Moxon who was my favourite lecturer, but Michael has more than made up for it with his southern drawl, great sense of humour and inexhaustible fountain of knowledge. (this is called creeping, I want an A ok?)
I'm getting there with my essay, 1900 words, or 2300 including notes, 3 days 'til deadline.
Michael sprung a surprise part time job opportunity on me today. He has been assisting John Hull a blind professor at Queen's college. It turns out he needs another assistant so I went to meet him and had a quick chat. If I'm suitable and I can fit it in around my studies it should be an interesting little sideline.

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