Thursday, March 17, 2005

Lent Day 32

Well, I've fallen behind on the daily blogging thing a bit. I'd like to say it's because I've been so busy writing my gospel of John essay, but I haven't made much progress on that either. Went 10 pin bowling last night. I was the only bloke in the group so I held off a bit to give the girls a chance. Scored 168.
So, it was Paddy's day today. I'd forgotten until I went past a pub in Coventry and saw a bloke coming out with one of those big, silly, green hats. Michael almost missed it too. St. Patrick is one of those people who I would love to know more about. Blogs to the rescue! Here, here and here are some reflections (all from Americans I might add). sven bemoans all the fake Irish folk just looking for an excuse to down a few pints of the black stuff. This reminds me of my student days. All I can say is: lots of black stuff in one end in the evening = lots of black stuff out the other end the following morning.

For any more St. Paddy's info, just ask google :

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